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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ghost Train Tragedy

The Sydney Ghost Train fire was a fire that destroyed the ghost train amusement ride at Luna Park Sydney on the night of 9 June 1979. How the fire started is a bit of a mystery but 7 people were killed that night 6 children 1 adult -- John Godson and his two children, Damien and Craig, and four Waverley College students; Jonathon Billings, Richard Carroll, Michael Johnson, and Seamus Rahilly. At the time of the fire, investigating police speculated that the seven had climbed out of their cars and unsuccessfully tried to find their way out of the tunnel; had they stayed in the cars, they may have survived.
“On 9 June, with their Sydney hosts the Harris family, they went to Taronga Zoological Park, returned to the city for dinner and embarked by ferry for a night at Luna Park, 'Just For Fun'.
Jenny recalled that, after several hours enjoying the various attractions, 'It was nearly time for us to leave, the boys asked John if they could have another ride on the Ghost Train and the River Caves. He agreed and the Harrises and I went to get ice creams'. Godson and his boys boarded a carriage and passed through Hell's Doorway into the twisting corridors of the Ghost Train, followed by four 13-year-old students from Christian Brothers' College, Waverley. The building erupted in flames. The charred bodies of John Godson and his sons were found huddled together in a cul-de-sac, the bodies of the four schoolboys close by. He and his sons were buried in Warren cemetery. Luna Park remained closed until 1982.” (

In 2007 Nearly 30 years later Abe Saffron was proved beyond a reasonable doubt guilty for the fire. Niece links Abe Saffron to Luna Park deaths”

“Once you’ve seen the Devil, you start to believe in God,” he added mysteriously.- Martin Sharp .    Many people believe that the fire was the work of the devil. It was a very unfortunate day in Sydney Australia when the fire went off and could have been avoided by following park regulations more carefully. Abe Saffron a cruel man who was not “intentionally” trying to hurt anyone but did all the same.

The band Coming Soon released an album in 2009 named Ghost Train Tragedy. The music reflecting the same attitude of the fire.

 Abe Saffron nicknamed "Mr. Sin"

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