Definition of Promethean

Promethean define: Boldly creative defiantly original

The Dawn Of PromethanStyle How it all began.

A New Beginning
It began on a Friday quite like this day except today is Thursday but other then that same school, same rough life, same loveless life. I was sick of seeing other websites and blogs that had some good insight some good ideas but none of it was I. All of it seemed over used or just not my style. I decided I could not take it any longer and made Promethean Style my blog. I made a blog where everyone else’s rules did not apply; my voice had to be heard and so it was. (CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT WAS THE FIRST POST) 

 Promethean means boldly creative defiantly original which is definitely my blog.

This was me I am not just creative or original I am original in a creative way! I want to share my insight with the world and if you like what you see then trust me more will keep coming
My style is personally mine and I can teach you how to tap into your inner fashion. If you have any questions comments or ideas for the blog then puhlease email me at Also email me if you would like to nominate a special friend for our weekly contest! [Click here for details about The Beautiful People Award]
Sincerely Anna R.
I hereby declare that I shall keep posting true to my heart mind and soul till the day I die.
 Mission Statement: To provide knowledgeable information on what to wear and other tidbits of important information on style, and to always be fannatastic. -source of definition
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