Definition of Promethean

Promethean define: Boldly creative defiantly original

Beautiful People Award! =D

   How many friends do you have who call themselves ugly or unattractive? How many have friends who are shy just because they don't like they way they look? Everyone is beautiful. That sounds untrue but each person has something that makes them look beautiful it could be their hair eyes personality. Why are you friends with them?? They must have something right? 
They do not even have to be a member of this website! They don't even have to have a clue what this is. Nominate them anyway whoever you think deserves it!!!!
             This is to honor them. Send an email to me at Tell me why you think your friend is beautiful. I will select a few every week and post their name photo (if aloud) and a little bit about what makes themselves special. 
  1. You cannot nominate yourself.
  2. The winner will be chosen by what you have to say about them. You can talk about their good qualities, what you like about them, how beautiful their eyes are anything.
  3. You may send me the bad stuff how they feel about themselves, how people treat them. THIS PART WILL NOT BE POSTED AND YOU HAVE CONFIDENTIALITY RIGHTS. It might just help them win that is the only reason we need it.
  4. Be original puhlease do not say "they are really really pretty" because everyone and their magazine uses that one.
  5. They do not have to be a follower of this website.
They do not have to be a follower of this website, they don't even have to know what it is all the better to rally in more troops :). I am sick of people feeling down because of the jerks who make them feel that way. Let us change that I need everyone who reads this help! So email me at and tell me about a friend of yours!! Follow Me on Pinterest