Definition of Promethean

Promethean define: Boldly creative defiantly original

Anna's Friends are Promethean too!

her shoes, very nice shot

Amanda Morris who has a lot of orginal ideas go her. Introducing the aquagram one step better than the instagram.
Totes kool! (:

I have amazing friends with Promethean style!
Pictures of people I know who wore something awesome today!

April 8th, 2012
Allory she is beautiful in every way which makes up for 75% of the look. She has a cute face and so so chic hair cut she has it all! She is beautiful on the inside to and can wear her clothes with grace and poise. I think Allory is one of those ladies with a closet that every girl dreams of. Her style is certainly original. Her style is sweet but not innocent she has seen the world and her clothes all carry an individual story. Her glasses make her chic and all the boys with a guitar slung behind their back sitting at a small coffee table at Starbucks would absolutely love to be with a girl with her style. I can see her clothes fitting in with songs by Florence and The machine Especially. Today I am honored to showcase some of her outfits.
Allory who is very beautiful is looking quite lovely tonight

casual night

I absolutely adore the shorts perfect for a date

cute shoes love the whole outfit though (:
this is just to cute! so delicate so pretty i can't describe it!

perfect for the beach (:

fabulous dress-- great black and white shot

April 5th 2012

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