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Thursday, April 5, 2012

There are other pages of my blog!!

If you look to the side of my blog it says pages on the blog and it has several amazing pages. Sometimes I think people forget about them. If you get tired of the posts here check out the pages there is great stuff!!
Here are a couple of quick explanations of the pages...

  1. get to know your blogger: it is an about me page
  2. tid bit tips: just some random fashion tips et cetera
  3. headquarters: will take you back to the home page
  4. beautiful people award: please click it is the best page on the entire blog and could brighten up you and a friends day.
  5. all photos: is literally every single photo you ever have seen on my blog compiled into one slideshow
  6. the dawn of Promethean style: quick explanation on how the blog was established kinda cool to read!
  7. photo find : is just a bunch of awesome photos to scroll through from all over the universe (most i took) that keep you occupied with something to look at 
  8. homemade fortune cookies: this page is still in the creative session it is basically cool quotes on cookies
  9. ganna promethean garb: all the info you will ever need to know about style with pictures too IT IS A FREE MAGAZINE!
  10. Anna's friends are Promethean too: pictures of my friends wearing stylish ensombles
  11. Promethean Polvore: sets that I think are amazing



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