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Thursday, May 3, 2012


It is that time of year again that month in-between long nights filled with partying, good food, swimming, and looking our best. Whether you like cold whether better or have a birthday in November the summer is I think my favorite time of the year. It is a couple of months a year where I am just FREE!!
If I get another job this summer and I am hoping it works out as well as I plan than I also have a lot of money in the summer, which really boosts my wardrobe! Here is what I will be looking at over the summer—things I definitely think will still be big going through the summer and not just some spring fling!

Summer 2012 Fashion List
1. R I N G S 

  2. C O L O R E D J E A N S
3. L O O S E C R O P P E D T  E E ' S
and P E A S A N T T O P S
4. A N Y T H I N G F L O R A L
5. B O Y F R I E N D S H O R T S
6. L A C E 
7.  C r a z y A w e s o m e P a t t e r n s   o n b a t h i n g s u i t s
8.  C L E A R (as a color)
9. S P A R K L E G L I T T E R and S H I N E

10. R A D I C A L P R I N T S

So here is a few trends I am trying to get going this summer, each year I try and start some new trend or make a trend already in use, into my own style.
It has taken me forever to get my hair to grow long and I have noticed a lot of girls cutting their hair really short lately!!  I think it looks cute and everything but it is not for me so I am hoping another month will be perfect, I might get the trim now so than by June it will be a max. length before summer vacation. 
Another thing I really like and suggest if you are tired of the whole bikini look is I really want to try to find a pair of awesome boy short bathing suit bottoms (nothing boring like a neutral color) something fun you know! If any one has any suggestions please let me know.
I really want to start more radical awesome trends but I have not experimented enough yet that will be on a later post!!

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